GiggleBot - The Micro:Bit Robot
GiggleBot - The Micro:Bit Robot
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GiggleBot is the Micro:Bit Robot for learning coding in the classroom.

GiggleBot is the Micro:bit Robot

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GiggleBot is the Most Exciting Way to Get Your Students Coding

GiggleBot is an easy to use robot that's great for the classroom.  Program it in MakeCode.  The GiggleBot is a platform that provides hands-on, project based STEM learning to your students.

GiggleBot an all-in-one coding, robotics and STEAM kit for the next generation of engineers, using the BBC Micro:Bit.  GiggleBot is the platform for the next generation of creators, dreamers, and artists to build STEM literacy and problem solvers.

Frequently Asked Questions About Micro:Bit Robots

Who is Behind GiggleBot?

GiggleBot is made by Dexter Industries.  We have been making robots for years for education, research and development, and other applications.  You can see our robots or get in touch with our team here.

What is MicroBit?

micro:bit is a tiny programmable computer, designed to make learning and teaching easy and fun!

What are Robots?

Robots take commands from computers and do our bidding!

What is GiggleBot?

GiggleBot is the first Micro:Bit robot designed for education and for teaching students how to learn to code with simple robots.  You can program the GiggleBot using MakeCode just like you would program a Micro:Bit.  You can add sensors.  You can follow lines.  The GiggleBot has it all!

GiggleBot enhances Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) learning with hands-on robotics and visual coding.

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