Distance Sensor - GiggleBot
Distance Sensor - GiggleBot
Distance Sensor - GiggleBot

Distance Sensor

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Distance Sensor for GiggleBot

The Distance Sensor can be mounted to Dexter Industries GiggleBot using the Sensor Mounts. It detects distances from obstacles and objects, giving your robot the ability to navigate. This package includes the cable for connecting the Distance Sensor to your robot. Easily attaches to your GiggleBot with a Sensor Mount (sold separately).

What's a Distance Sensor?

The Distance Sensor uses a small laser to determine the distance to an object. The sensor uses the Time of Flight method for a very fast and accurate distance reading. The package includes two googly eyes to give your robots a lively look! 

Obstacle Avoiding Robots

Distance sensors are great for programming robots that can avoid objects. They do this by measuring the time interval between sending a small invisible laser pulse and receiving the light back, and based on the time it takes, calculating distance to an object. This comes in handy when you are programming a robot to detect objects and find their way around them.


At this time Python is not supported, however we are working to support it soon!